Zazi Vintage

Ethical Vintage

My name is Jeanne ZIZI Margot de Kroon and I grew up in Holland. Fashion was always a centre theme in my life as I discovered it was a way to communicate with the women around me and also a way to lift me up and make me feel strong. At a very young age I began to feel curious and intrigued by all the pieces of clothing I wore, whether it was a self made dress out of an old curtain or a vintage YSL suit from my mother, and I learned from my curiosity and intrigue that what you wear always has a hidden message and a story.


When I was first asked to be a model I dreamt of translating this message within the images of myself. Unfortunately I found out through my ethics studies and the projects that I did worldwide, that the message behind the greater majority of the clothing companies I modelled for was a very dual one; on one hand it was designed to empower western women. But on the other hand, it was done in unthinkable conditions on the opposite side of the world that directly disempowered women who were not as fortunate as those in the western world.

Two years ago, after my last job for a very big and unethical retail company, I decided to completely quit the modelling industry and focus on my studies and worldwide women empowerment projects because fashion for me means story telling and the stories of the clothes I wear have to resonate to my beliefs. Because of this, I now no longer shop in chain stores, big companies or online. From countries like Guatemala to India, Lithuania to Ethiopia, I have gathered my wardrobe and found the most intriguing and inspiring pieces that all carry a unique story and connect me to another time, place and or person. 

I want people to know exactly where their clothes are coming from, by who they are being found by and exactly who they are supporting with their purchases. Portraying both these sides, I believe I can create a bridge, passing over what I have learned and continue to learn but also receiving lessons from the women of all corners of this wonderfully weird and beautiful planet earth that we are apart of.