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Zazi X Saheli

For our Chapter 4 we collaborated with our partner NGO in Bhikamkor, where the incredible ladies of the institute of philanthropy and humanitarian development made the these fabulous jackets. Hand embroidered and combined with Afghan Vintage from the 70‘s, we designed a collection in with them last September. This will be the first launch of our Zazi X Saheli line which will continue all through the summertimes.. 


There are currently 16 ladies from the village who earn a livelihood from Saheli and more than 30 women come to the centre to socialise, seek encouragement and offer support to one another. The centre acts as a central hub inclusive of women from all walks of life. The common thread being that life before Saheli involved the perpetual notions fueled by oppression of women in rural India. Before, there was no thought to a womens purpose beyond their household duties and a womens ability to lead a life of any style outside of the home was denied. Now, they are pushing down the expectations that have acted as barriers to a thriving and joyful life, while they watch our children grow, laugh and play at the centre while we work.


We are so happy to have them as a partner and excited to launch our first chapter with the Saheli women..