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Chapter Five

Vintage Silk

For Chapter 5 we have followed the silk road back to Uzbekistan where our last chapter ended. All of our Ikat woven dresses are handmade and are one of a kind. For this collection we worked with vintage IKAT from the border of Uzbekistan and Afghanistan. 

We couldn't imagine any more fabulous way of creating sustainable fashion then working with the most beautiful vintage materials from the far east.

Made by the Girlfriend Club 

The dresses are made by Saheli Women (Saheli meaning “girlfriend” in Hindi) of the IPHD (Institute for Philanthropy and Humanitarian Development). 


We shot the campaign with Indian supermodel, Archana Akil Kumar in the Saheli centre, where the women of our partner NGO come together to follow workshops on human rights and women’s health. The campaign is shot by our creative director, Stefan Dotter in Bhikamkor, India.

A special thanks goes out to RAAS HOTELS in Jodhpur, India for hosting our team. 


Meet: The Girlfriend Club



Institute of Philanthrophy and Humanitarian development.