Zazi Vintage

Ethical Vintage

Shipping Methods

Zazi uses the services of DHL. We will give you a tracking number and a conformation of your order. 

We offer a flatrate on all orders of 15 Euro. 


Returns & Exchanges

Since Zazi is a company that is investing in micro-credits and deals only with one of a kind Vintage pieces, please take in account that we don‘t return orders easily. We only accept a returned order when something went wrong in the process or the Vintage got damaged within the shipping process.  We ask our customers to take a closer look at the sizing and the pictures of its condition now. 

It is also important to take in note that all the Vintage we sell is at least 50 years old and comes from the other corner of the world and therefor is not in the same condition as newly produced products. 

Zazi loves our ambassadors and buyers so when something didnt arrive the way it should be or you notice that the sizing was wrong, you can return the product or we will give the customer another solution. 

Send us an email regarding your purchases at:


The Zazi Team