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Journelles X Zazi

Jeanne De Kroon

This homestory makes us so happy! A big thank you goes out to lovely Alicja and the whole team of Journelles for visiting us in our Zazi headquarters in Berlin and giving us such a great platform. It was a pleasure to talk with you about ethical fashion and human rights!

Tagesspiegel X Zazi

Jeanne De Kroon

This article published in Tagesspiegel gives such a great overview about the whole Zazi world and our mission. Thank you for the lovely and so well chosen words! It makes us happy to be considered as a colorful brand that tries to make the (fashion) world a little bit better.

Gala X Zazi

Jeanne De Kroon

We are so excited that German actress Heike Makatsch wore one of our chapter 5 Ikat dresses for the Cannes Film Festival! Thank you so much Gala magazine for featuring this picture online in one of the Cannes photo galleries!