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Indigo Sparke X Zazi

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Meet our Gorgeous and light filled beauty from Australia. We proudly present you: 

Indigo Sparke X Zazi 


My name is Indigo! Scarlet Sparke ...yes, it's real and not my BM playa name. My parents got a little carried away 😊 I grew up spending a lot of time in the country in Australia, then moved to the city and have spent the past few years moving around a lot a lot. Now the little town of Mullumbimbi (right near Byron Bay) is my home... for now. I don't think I'll ever be able to shake the gypsy from my bones. There's to much yearning inside of me!

What do you do in life?

I sing. I write. I dance in love. I excavate sorrow. I study the human condition. I teach yoga. I continually remind myself to surrender. I tell stories. I laugh. I cry. A lot. I dress up! I listen. I watch the world go by. I swim in the ocean. A lot. I hope and I pray.

 What do you like about vintage clothing?

I love love love the stories. The tales woven into. The threads of life, spun and coloured and stitched. To adorn and make splendid. These stories are ancient and there is wisdom within each artwork. A release in their craft, specific to tribe, religion, gender, spirituality, consciousness, social construction, folk lore. It's all there. I love that. I like to touch, feel, smell... Tethered and unique like the souls that wear them.

 Why do you want to support ZAZI?

I have always been drawn to things without a completely logical reason, much like how Jeanne and I met. I have been passionate about women's empowerment for... my whole life really and when I found a kindred soul recognition in another strong woman making big choices and changes in the world out of pure integrity and heart, everything in my spirit says YES! Aside from that, the pieces are incredible art pieces selected my hand, made by hand, travelling with their stories and the opportunities that are provided for underprivileged women mainly in India and this stage but soon around the world is so so important. A whole world opens for these women. We can also be reminded how lucky we are, and choose to be humbled by these lives we given this time around. 4. Why is women empowerment important to you? Intrinsically, as women, in our veins the rivers of life, run deep, connected to a greater energy, a vast source of light and untainted love. This world, mankind, has for centuries disempowered women, taken away their rights, their voices, their bodies. To have and to own. In the last few centuries things have begun to shift more than ever and there is a surge of women who are taking a stand. It's one of the most important things to me to see women standing, unapologetically, for themselves. Free without fear for their safety. Able to dance and sing and walk the earth remembering and sharing their stories and ancient wisdom. It's a global sisterhood and support for one another is imperative in a time of war and decay. To heal the world through love, may sound like a grand statement, but women have a deep knowing I'm their bones of this to be true. I realised as a young girl how much the lives of women all over the world differed. Though I wasn't brought up in a rich ($$) family with lots of things, I have and had a privileged life. I had my share of trauma like we all do in different ways. My wild was to much and I was labelled and silenced and suffocated by society ramming their distasteful rule book down my throat. Luckily for me, relatively early on in life, I found my craft and it saved me. My inner world where I learned to listen to myself and speak my own language. As women, I think the empowerment grows the more we share with each other. The more we care for each other in any way that we possibly can, with gentle and nurturing communication. There is a lot to be said for this. The judgement and comparison is old and doesn't serve anyone. There is bigger work to be done.

 Is there one woman, who has inspired you? How? (If not, what does inspire you in your life?)

Women all the time inspire me! I find myself totally falling in love with women daily. But more specifically, my mother, my sister, and some very very dear sisters that I spend most days with or talking to. Their minds, their hearts, their love. It inspires me beyond belief. The poetry in existence. Their fragility and their strengths. Their vulnerability. Their yearnings, desires, hopes. That to me is like the air I breathe. Inspiring. Like an infinite ocean of light. I couldn't keep walking if it wasn't for them.

If you had one superpower – which one would it be? And what would you use it for?

Whoa! Hmmmm. That's a hard one. Well these protests at Standing Rock have been on my mind a lot. So perhaps if I was able to somehow, make the only truth known in everyone's minds and hearts, to be of respect to our Earth and that renewable energy solar energy was the only way forward I would plant that seed! Is that mind control? Hahaha And maybe to be a mermaid... or to fly! Freely like a bird 😊

When do you feel strong?

When I am nourishing myself. Meeting my needs. When I am practising, in many ways. My spiritual practice appears more and more these days and many shapes. When I'm listening to my soul. When I am speaking my truth. When I am standing in compassion. And dancing in love.

 If you could send one message to all the girls and women out there: what would you say?

Don't apologise for who you truly are. You are so incredibly perfect. Be kind to one another, it will change EVERYTHING. Dance wildly. Love deeply. Speak loudly. Tread lightly. Listen to the silences. Be in nature, it's the greatest healer and teacher. Have faith. Ask for help when you need it, there is no weakness in this. Give freely. Receive without shame or guilt. Honour your sacred light. Your body an your soul was always yours, they never owned it, nor will they ever. For eternity. Trust.

 Dresses on the Picture: The Coven Shoppe.    Conscious Concept Space Shoppe 1 | 105 Stuart St Mullumbimby NSW Australia

Dresses on the Picture: The Coven Shoppe. 

Conscious Concept Space Shoppe 1 | 105 Stuart St Mullumbimby NSW Australia