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Sascha Bunge X Zazi

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Zazi is proud to introduce our Golden blonde Ambassador from Holland. We asked her a few questions. 

What do you do in life?  

I’m Sascha, 22 – almost 23 – years old. I live in Amsterdam and love cycling through the city. My bicycle is my little baby! I study Communications and next to that I’m a model. I love traveling and meeting new people. Small talk, laughs, shake some hands and throw out some high 5’s. Get connected with them, I love people in general! There are so many interesting creatures out there.

 What do you like about vintage clothing?

 What I like about vintage clothing is that it is usually pretty unique. I always wonder who wore this before me? What was she (or he) like? I’ve noticed that I’m becoming more and more conscious with buying clothes. ‘Do I really need something new?’ Buying vintage clothes makes me feel so much better instead of running to H&M or Zara.

Why do you want to support ZAZI?

 I really like that ZAZI stands up for everyone and connects women from everywhere. ZAZI shows you that the treasures in life are not found in fast-fashion. They have a story; they have their own energy and they are there to be worn again and again- and again.

 Is there one woman, who has inspired you? How? (If not, what does inspire you in your life?)

 The most important women in the world are my mother and my twin sister. When I look at them I’m overwhelmed with proud, luck and happiness. They light up my world everyday. The both work hard and are so independent!

Why is women empowerment important to you?

 I wish I had the power to give more strength to women in need. Women that are treated like anything else than queens, because that is what they deserve!

When do you feel strong?

So many small things in life make me feel strong. Small goals I’ve set up for the day, cooking something beautiful, making someone laugh, kissing a guy I like, hug a friend when they need a big hug and when I see my mom, dad and sister happy and healthy.

If you could send one message to all the girls and women out there: what would you say?

Don’t let anyone ever tell you, you can’t do something. You are as strong as anyone else. If you want to accomplish something in your life you work hard for it and you will fulfil that dream!


Shot on film By the incredible Fauve Bouwman