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Girls do not have an equal opportunity when it comes to education in India, despite the fact that education is highlighted as a fundamental right in the country’s constitution. Rural areas in Rajhastan such as Bhikamkor remain traditionally conservative and the caste system is closely observed by all, which is a root cause of conflict and discrimination amongst villagers. 

Gender equality issues are apparent and the culture is male-dominated. Girls more often than not will receive very little middle or secondary education. Their parents are far more likely to prioritise marriage or the chance for their daughter to earn an income for the family.

 IPHD has launched a new project initiative which will work with girls who are in critical situations. We will offer advocacy, support and monitoring to these girls and their families in order to ensure that they receive the education that they deserve. By confronting the cultural barriers and gender norms of Bhikamkor, the girls will stand as role models for their home community and will lead by example for future students.