Chapter 4
The Sari collection

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For this collection, each of our dresses is designed using textiles that already exist on Mother Earth. Women all over India wear the traditional Sari. Because such beautiful textiles already exist we have committed to source the best quality vintage Sari from mothers and daughters all over India. 

Every story is about connection.

The idea behind the collection relies on our general commitment to circular design: we make an active effort to source unique Indian Sari that are vibrant and modern. We then upcycle each Sari for use in one of the latest ZAZI Spring/Summer Dresses. By choosing for Saris from India, we are making our commitment to close the loop on fashion and turn vintage pieces into lifestyle clothing. Each dress will make you feel special on any occasion, and contributes to a positive impact through ethical fashion and sustainability.

The Sari is a unifying garment, timeless and elegant.

With every Sari that is worn, there are women behind it, who weave their stories literally into it. With our collection, we help the women’s voices and their stories stay alive. Chapter 4 is made to connect you with the heritage of those, who made your Sari dress with care and love, through storytelling.

We engage Saheli Women - a community of women in Jodhpur Rajasthan - to make products from up-cycled, pre-loved Sari and other materials and to reinvent them into unique pieces.

This look book was photographed by Stefan Dotter in Varanasi and Bhikamkor, India.