Chapter 5

The resort Collection

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ZAZI in cooperation with the United Nations’ Ethical Fashion Initiative (EFI) and their partner in Afghanistan, Zarif, have embarked on a magical journey to connect worlds and facilitate the work of local peacemakers that empower communities in Afghanistan through traditional craftmanship, at the centre of the Silk Road.

A story of heritage, and of richness. A story of the Silk Road.

Together we bring to you the heart and resilient soul of Afghanistan, through beautiful handcrafted garments using pure silk and upcycled woven ikat from Uzbekistan. Together we are strengthening the capacities of small, marginalized communities, supporting sustainable livelihoods in Afghanistan and contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by creating our resort collection.

This collection, made by the beautiful workshop Zarif, based in between pommegranate trees in Kabul, carries hope of reintegration, peace and artisinal work in the country. The collection generates living wages and livelihoods for all who are involved in the production process; migrants, returnees, and Internally Displaced People. Through its work, ZAZI, EFI, our partner in Afghanistan, Zarif, and the European Union elevate Afghan artisans to tell the story of the heritage of the Silk Road to the world.