Chapter 6 

 The Arachne Dress

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With Chapter Six, we wanted to take you on a journey through the holistic science behind garments and their relationship with our skin and the mystical wisdom that are passed down by women through embroidery and weaving; both physically and metaphysically made by hand to protect and nourish us. 

We want to weave all this wisdom together through our dress - showing the powerful and boundless connection that can be made by women around this world through their own unique way - one that is most effortless to them and in-tune with their nature. Our Arachne dress is a forever work of female connection, linking women and their stories. Named after the greek myth of Archane who was known as the most talented weaver and turned in to a spider. The spider a little bit of a bad reputation but has always been the archetype for weaving in many indigenous cultures and mythological stories.. From the deep forest corners of the Amazon to the hills in Tajikistan, women have identified with the spider as personification of weaving. This dress is an ode to all our little magical creatures in this world that form the foundation of our eco system and connect the heavens to the earth, like we, women do as well.

Our Arachne dress is made with 100% up-cycled hand loomed raw silk fabric that was over-dyed to get the hues of midnight indigo skies on a fall full-moon. This natural fabric comes together solely through the work of hands and is traditional to India - known for its unique property of keeping the body cool during summer and warm during winter. 


Weave your dreams in to existence 

Watch the little creatures that can show us the way 

The ones that craw in between the weeds and see life from below 

The ones that transform and receive wings when they grow 

The ones that create little sacred patterns to survive

The ones we need to watch to stay alive 


The women of the Tajik/Uzbek Lakai tribes have, for at least a century, embroidered small non-functional bags and hangings which, with their archaic "animal Style" imagery, carry an echo of Central Asia's long shamanistic past.

With Chapter Six we wanted to work with the Lakai women that are currently situated in Tajikistan create a space that revitalises this powerful tradition and further empowers this community. We are still working on this supply chain so have created the first dresses with vintage Lakai embroidery patches found on the markets of Kabul, the centre of the silk road. 

Lakai embroidery designs were a form of creative self-expression by the Lakai women - a physical manifestation from the sacred shamanic ritual practiced by them. These ornaments full of energy and mystery are used to ensure successful outcome of childbirth, growing family and herd and protection against evil eye.

The dress is hand stitched and embroidered by women’s social enterprise in rural India called The Saheli Women. The Saheli Women’s group situated in rural Rajasthan focusses on women social and economic independence. You can find the name of the amazing woman that made it in every dress that we bring to you so you can look who you are supporting. 

We hope that this Anarche dress will bring you a little spark of magic every time you wear it and connects you to all the interwoven stories behind it.