Production Practices in Uzbekistan - Regarding Fabrics of Resort Collection 2019

Dear ZAZI Customers,

At ZAZI, we deeply care about creating products with the highest standards of quality and social impact for the communities working with us to bring the most beautiful garments. We strive as much as possible to meet them, see the factory settings, environmental and working conditions and ensure decent living wages to all of those involved in the production process. 

Most of the fabrics used in ZAZI’s collections are upcycled fabrics from Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and India as we believe that there is already so much beautiful fabric that can be reworked into new clothing and tell the story of its past. We do our best to work with artisans and women in the countries that the fabrics are sourced from, honouring the work and craft that have made this possible. 

In October 2017, we were approached by a contact in Uzbekistan offering beautiful, natural, handmade ikat fabrics from Uzbekistan. They also told us we would have the opportunity to directly work with the manufacturer without intermediaries. 

Since ZAZI Vintage is an ethical company that wants to support businesses that work without any intermediaries and support artisans worldwide we agreed to work with this provider. Based on the terms that the fabrics would use natural dyes, offer equitable pricing and no middle man fee, ZAZI agreed to start the order in October 2018. To ensure the artisans working on our order were being compensated from the beginning, we agreed to pay a percentage monthly for the textiles.

We continued the payments for the fabrics as agreed until February 2019 when we noticed serious flaws with the fabrics provided by this supplier. They were dyed with chemical dyes, which for environmental reasons ZAZI would rather not contribute to. The fabrics, however beautiful, were too delicate to be worn and the fabrics would rip at the seams, and there was no Certificate of Origin, which is an obligation by law for any order above 5,000 USD. 

Based on this assessment, at the end of February 2019 ZAZI decided to withhold the final payment of the order until the situation was clarified. In early March, we decided to make sure the artisans involved in the production of the defected fabrics received their compensation, we transferred the final payment of the defective fabric. ZAZI still has this fabric available in our inventory as it is not suitable for our garments. 

After the final payment was given and the defective fabrics received, the relationship with this supplier ended immediately. We would like to make it clear that we no longer work with this supplier or any other supplier that is not aligned to our values and ethics as a company.

For this reason, the fabrics produced in Uzbekistan under this collaboration were used in the first 20 samples and were used to photograph our campaign. However, 90% of our production for this collection used deadstock fabrics that were bought directly from artisans in Uzbekistan and markets in Kabul.

We sincerely apologize for any confusion this situation might have caused and we will continue to work to ensure it will not happen again! 

Much love and light,