Raffaella Wrap Coat #16

Raffaella Wrap Coat #16


Our Kashmiri Wrap Coat  is a journey to the heart of the Silk Road, Kabul: From our up-cycled Mongolian fur -  showing marks of tales of the past to our vintage Kashmiri embroideries sourced across India telling the story of heritage. 

We wanted to bring a more transitional coat for you to wear through the different seasons. This coat is lined with Uzbek ikat and has vintage Mongolian sheepskin that adorns the sleeves and collar keeping your cozy through seasons. 

Originating from the Jammu and Kashmir region, the Kashmiri Wrap Coat is a creation of a wide variety of very fine embroidery elaborating on the beauty of paradise through delicate embroidered flowers and birds - this hand work can only be manifested by a handful of extremely skilled artisans.

Through our collaboration with the EFI, we wanted to focus on bringing power back to the women in Kabul and have begun to work with our newest partner workshop. You can learn more about our chapter here.

This specific coat is a size Medium.

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