Suzani Coat #41

Suzani Coat #41


Our dreamy Suzani coats are part of the journey through the Silk Road - weaving the tales and heritage of the different regions into a boundless and women.

Suzani is a word for needle work in Persian and they’re created solely through the works of hand - making it only possible for only a few artisans with extreme precision to create such complex visuals. 

Each coat is made by our partner family in Afghanistan where the suzani pieces are interwoven with vintage mongolian sheepskin; Each vintage suzani is handpicked for its quality and pattern from all across central asia -  where each region has brought their own interpretation to the fruitful embroideries. This specific Suzani is from Uzbekistan, denoted by its detailed depictions of pomegranates, birds, and flowers, in ornate delicate patterns.

Often the suzani’s will depict pomegranates which are a sign of fertility - which have great significance as Suzani’s are traditional used for dowries. 

Size: Medium

Coat Length: 120cm

Coat Measurements:

Shoulders: 50cm

Arm length: 60cm

Chest: 106cm

Waist: 102cm

Hips: 110cm

*Our coats are not form fitting and look great oversized.

**It is important to know that the coats are made using 100% vintage materials that have existed for many years and they may have slight marks and imperfections, carrying with them tales of their past.

***Please note that the materials are perfect for cold weather but not made for heavy rain since they are all vegetable dyed.

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