Lakai Dress #7

Lakai Dress #7


Our Lakai dress is a journey through the holistic science behind garments; their relationship with our skin and the mystical wisdom that are passed down by women through embroidery; both physically and metaphysically made by hand to protect and nourish us.

Each dress is made by bringing together vintage hand-stitched embroideries by the women of the Lakai tribe with 100% up-cycled Khadi fabric that was over-dyed to get the hues of midnight indigo skies on a fall full-moon. Traditional to India, Khadi is a natural fabric created solely through the work of hands and is known for its unique property of keeping the body cool in summer and warm during the winter. 

This garment is a coming together of female creation and connection, linking women and their stories; from the Lakai women of Tajikistan to our partner cooperative the Saheli Women. Lakai embroidery designs were a form of creative self-expression by the Lakai women - a physical manifestation from the sacred shamanic rituals practiced by them to bring protection.

Made with love out of 100% cotton embroidery and 100% silk fabric. Find our more about this chapter here. 

This specific dress is a size Small/Medium.

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